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Use a for each to send each variant into a SOP Modify LOP? 2023年5月26日1:31

Yes, you can do roughly what you've done there, but you also have to use an Add Variant LOP between the SOP Modify and the foreach_end so that the per-variant modification is authored back into the originating variant. As you've got it there, the overrides authored for each variant are all going to be applied to the prim all the time, regardless of the variant selection.

Is the Reference lop (2.0) broken or am i missing something 2023年5月26日1:22

The reasons for this are explained in the "File Pattern" parameter description in the docs: []

is there a way to override part of attributes? 2023年5月12日13:03

@elovikov even an opinion to "block" an attribute is an opinion that gets composed with the normal strength ordering rules. To accomplish what is being asked here, you'd actually have to make sure that a.usd and b.usd only contain opinions about those attributes for which they are each responsible.