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Import USD and edit it‘s Material 2024年7月23日1:12

That file seems to be behaving as I'd expect... What is the issue that you're having?

Edit Primitive paths 2024年7月19日16:44

Or the Stage Manager if you want to do the restructuring in a way that isn't so procedural.

How to select Karma as the Default Renderer? 2024年7月18日12:20

I suspect your "main" viewport is pointed inside a SOP or OBJ network? USD render delegates cannot be used to directly render into viewports pointed at SOP or OBJ networks, only LOP networks. If that is your workflow (mostly working in SOPs but wanting to see the final karma output) then you will need a separate karma viewport (or you can launch a clone and have access to the updating render in a render gallery pane - see [] for information about Houdini clones).

The reason we cannot use karma to render a SOP viewport is that SOP viewport interactivity requires a whole bunch of stuff that simply cannot be rendered by arbitrary USD render delegates like karma. The SOP viewport can show points, normals, arbitrary attributes, visualizations, and allows picking and interactivity that is just not possible unless Houdini's OpenGL/Vulkan renderer is in full control of the viewport.