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Exoside Quad Remesher not working with Houdini 19.0.531 2022年8月14日15:58

Did you have any resolution with this? I'm trying to get it to work with 19.5 with no luck. I've got the paid version and have tried the Labs download as well as downloading from Exoside. I suspect its Python related (aren't all problems python related these days? ;-) but can't figure it out.

Python vs HScript - use case 2021年10月1日14:29

Many thanks to jsmack, Soothsayer, and Tomas for the helpful and well-thought-out replies. Very much appreciate your perspectives!

Python vs HScript - use case 2021年9月30日22:35

Just returning to Houdini after a long hiatus and the widespread use of python is pretty new to me. I understand that in a production pipeline python can be used to great effect but I'm wondering if it's worth the learning effort for a small (i.e. one man... aka me) studio like mine.

For example, I've figured out that the HScript call for a bounding box (i.e. bbox("../box1", D_YMAX)) is hou.node("../box1/").geometry().boundingBox().sizevec() in python.

What advantage is python for use like this primarily as expressions in nodes? To me, there is far greater complexity and risk of error over HScript (assuming most usage is simple like this)? Is HScript being completely deprecated?

I'm obviously missing and/or misunderstanding something. Essentially, I'm asking what is the real-world use of python and do I need to learn it?

Kind thanks,