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TRS Asset crashing 2013年4月23日1:16

Hi again…
Although the asset doesn't crash with the method in the previous comment, it's sill far from working like on your Vimeo demo.
- It's still extremely slow, even with a basic cube and 4x4 divisions.
- Although translate and scale effects work, nothing seems to affect the rotation. It's just not moving if rotation is the only active effect.

This is wit 12.5.379. Again the rotation effect works with 12.1.185.

Can someone confirm that issue ?

The new version has been uploaded~~
It will soon be able to download

TRS Asset crashing 2013年4月20日5:38

Hey Adam,

Thanks a lot for giving this some attention.
Let's hope it gets fixed soon as I'd be glad to use that asset in the coming days..
Thank you to buy it ,although I receive nothing :cry: 。

about the speed,try to use “lock”and“lock piece”,and it running normally on my H12.5(12.5.371)