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Attach a Vellum cloth to RBD objects. 2023年4月26日15:16

I have three graduation caps thrown in the air that interact with each other. I fed them to an RBD sop solver with different attributes like velocity and w for each of them to differentiate their behavior. Now, I need each of them to have a tassel ribbon attached to it that flaps around as they fly. I did tests with vellum cloth and pin to animation. This works if I do this to one single cap that has been animated by hand. However, now I have three caps that come out of an RBD sop solver. How do I approach this, considering that I should preserve the current RBD sim as the caps now fly exactly as I need them to? The tassel is part of the whole cap object, and I separated it with groups and blasts.

Flip sim driven by 2D animation 2022年5月3日18:53

Hi, I'm kind of stuck with something I'm trying to achieve. If anybody could point me in the right direction, that would be fantastic. I'm trying to combine two techniques in the same shot.

I have an image that drives a flip simulation. Image has two colors and each color will become a different fluid that interacts/mixes with the other one. Initially, this image was still and it was easy for me to achieve that with attributesfrommap and mapping Cd to viscosity and density.

Now I need the underlying image to be an animation (only the character moves, the rest is still). I got the character animation driving the particles representing its shape using the volume optical flow technique. However, I'm struggling to find a way to merge these two systems together and basically add the character movement to the fluids mixing together generated from image Cd.

Attached is a test project folder, which includes the images to drive the sim.


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One Filp sim, two output geometries. 2022年4月18日21:18

Hi, how do you use two separate particle fluid surfaces from one single DOP sim? I have a sim with two fluids interacting with one another. I used attributes to distinguish them in terms of density, viscosity, and color. However, when I render, I need the cream fluid to slowly emerge from coffee and see through the coffee as it does so. Keeping it in one geo I can't do it as there is no cream geo under the coffee geo and by simply using the Cd attribute, I can't see the cream until it is on the surface. Also, the coffee geo is flattened to attach it to an ocean system. Here is my nodegraph. Any help would be great. Thanks!