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Interaction between two Flip Fluid objects ? 2014年1月10日9:21


I´m trying create a Flip Fluid from two objects to interact with each other.
Somehow I can´s seem to get it done. I looked at the example file
“DensityViscosity” where a FlipTank and SourceVolume is used. But
I can´t seem to recreate the effect with two Flip Objects. So basically
what I want to do is having two spheres defined as Fluid with different
density/viscosity interacting with each other within one Grid. Like both
splashing into a closed grid.

I tried to create two Flip Fluid objects and set them up as in the
“DensityViscosity” example. I used a merger after two Flipsolver
as well as a merger to merge both flipfluid objects before the solver.
Also I tried several collision options without success.
Any pointer into the right direction is much appreciated.

speed attribute from a Flip Fluid ? 2014年1月8日3:52

Sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation.
Thank You very much. That was exactly was I´m looking for.

speed attribute from a Flip Fluid ? 2013年12月18日10:32


I setup a little scene just to understand attributes a bit better.
The setup is just a sphere as flipfluid object that splashes into closed
fluid tank. I created a new, empty geometry node that fetches the fluid mesh
and a DOPimportfield node to import the fields from the sim
into this geometry node.
Than I use an “attrib from volume” node to color the mesh with different
attributes from the fluid sim. So far the only channels i seem to be able
to extract are velocity (xyz) and surface. Is it somehow possible to color
my surface by speed ? Just like the default particle look when seting up
a flipfluid sim.
I attached my test scene.
Maybe someone can point me into the right direction. Much apprechiated.