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Congratulations & How to Claim Prizes 2021年8月27日4:17

Got my package today! Yay! Thank you sidefx and team!! Great start to the weekend!!

IRON HEART WINNERS 2021年4月1日13:12

Wooohooo!!!! This time last year I just started out with Houdini and was picking my hair to understand the simplicity of the complexity that Houdini offers. Looking at this one-year journey, especially with Mardini being the cherry on top, makes me wanna pat myself on the back.

Mardini was the best learning experience. I have witnessed some jaw-dropping entries and learned a lot from each one of them. Congrats to all the winners, in fact, everyone who is posting to this forum sleep-deprived while cracking their backs!

Special thanks to SideFX and the judges for this amazing brain exercise. Tons of thanks to Moeen Sayed's Reviews which taught me a lot about making appealing visuals. It's not an easy task to make all those videos while trying to keep the video short and not compromising on knowledge and entertainment at the same time!

This was an amazing experience and I can't wait for more hair picking as I explore the depths of Houdini more and more.

Day 31 Image | Elements | Fire 2021年3月31日14:06

Day 31 Fire
Hooray!! Mardini has been so much fun and a great learning experience. Congrats to everyone!!