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Viewtypes in a radial menu 2020年9月16日15:38


I'm trying to create a radial menu that I can use to change the viewtype of the current viewport, but for the life of me, I just couldn't

I tried this but just couldn't find the appropriate radialmenu command for it:

radialmenu.setviewportType(kwargs, hou.geometryViewportType.Perspective, 1)

I just couldn't figure out what the appropriate radial menu command for this could be, radialmanu.setviewportType() seems invalid…

Any help would be highly appreciated.



Why won't Renderman for Houdini 18 work???? 2020年9月6日19:51

Which Houdini are you in? Indie?

I'm on Houdini FX.

Why won't Renderman for Houdini 18 work???? 2020年9月6日19:07

Maybe try repairing/re-installing Renderman noc2. You haven't unchecked any part of the install, such as Renderman ProServer?

Hi again @DaJuice. To be honest, I've never been able to use RMan on my workstation, ever. It's always been giving me hell. I didn't uncheck anything during install and hence the result Renderman forums are by far, the worst I've ever seen. There's hardly any activity going on there and I couldn't find any topic that could help me out with my problem. And by the looks of it, I'm not the only one. There are lots of rants from people who are having the same damn problem.

Like I said, the plugin is recognized by Houdini and the shelf gets installed fine. I create a camera and a light and a Renderman rop, yet to no avail. No error messages, nothing. Just a “Generating Scene…” prompt on the top right corner of the renderview.