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Pragmatic VEX: Volume 1 [4K] [H19.5] 2021年9月30日5:04

Hi, I notice that your network editor is placed above the scene view and can be hidden or translucent, is this implemented using hou module and pyside ?
Could you say something about it please. I like this way of working.

Primitive matching patterns issue 2020年5月20日21:29

it's probably because /**/* matches also the parent primitive of all of the books
so no matter that one of the child books is set to active, if the parent prim is not active none of the children are

you can use Exclude Primitives multiparm to exclude your Book_2 instead of subtracting it in Target Primitives pattern
Ok, thank you, i've got that. The parent override it's children. It's not cool >_<.

Primitive matching patterns issue 2020年5月20日5:42

Hi all, i saw the help says:
“In a path pattern, * matches any number of characters (in a name), ** matches any number of levels of hierarchy, ”,
so i tried the expression like
/**/B* - /**/Book_2
/**/* - /**/Book_2
in a prune node's primitive pattern. The first expression give me desired results(match all books except Book_2), but why second expression seems like it matches all prim in usd.
Can someone point out?