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Karma - prevent unwanted AOVs 2024年6月12日0:33

The pruned lights before the Karma Render Settings LOP should definitely be ignored. In the next version of Houdini this is now the case - I'll look at backporting this.

Here's a gif showing how to edit the properties/aov list.

Karma - prevent unwanted AOVs 2024年6月4日3:34

"Split per LPE" will find all LPEs on lights on the input stage and create as many of the selected AOVs as there are unique LPE tag values, and, in some cases, adds extra Emission AOVs as a failsafe - to catch the light contribution from emissive geometry which isn't easily captured through LPE tags. (H20.5 adds support for emissive geometry with "Treat as Light" on and geometry LPE Tags for finer control).

These AOVs are defined as RenderVar primitives that are added to the Render Product's orderVars relationship.
Pruning lights after the Karma Render Settings LOP won't affect the previously generated render var prims.

If you want to remove unwanted AOVs, use an Edit Properties LOP, point it to the render product primitive (/Render/Products/renderproduct by default) press the "Edit Properties" button, select "orderedVars" in the left column, press the right arrow so its control parm and the orderedVars parm get added to the right column, and hit Apply.
From there you can edit the list of render vars. Make sure to keep the Beauty render var as the first in the list.

Looping USD VDB Volumes Behaving Strangely [SOLVED] 2024年5月27日22:33

In the case of a much larger scene, would it be better practice to first cache the volume LOP to usd with those additional time samples and then leave this 'filter time samples' at the default setting?

Yes, absolutely. Try and contain the excess time samples to the prims that need retiming only, and enable the time sample filtering so as to keep file size down to a minimum.