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COPs: Refresh Image File in Snippet? 2023年9月19日10:25


When I just use a file node I can easily click on Reload Sequence to update. Probleme is I'm using a snippet to access the file.

I tried removing the path and pasting it back. I also tried to use Edit -> Clear Compositing Cache but it doesnt seam to work... any ideas?

How to recompute the normal with VEX? 2023年9月11日19:37

I also can't make that function work. I always get a normal of {0, 0, 0} on all points.

What's the reason for not using the normal sop?

Rotation Packed Primitives with Vex? {[SOLVED]} 2023年9月11日9:36

Ah! I found the solution on Tokeru's website


The intrinsic Transform is a rotation matrix. I just need the setprimintrinsic function to modify it.