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How to render a slap comp? 2024年7月19日14:10

Sorry to hear about this... Please consider contacting our support team--we might be able to work out a more private way to share a reproducer.

Besides figuring out your slap comp woes, it'd be great if we could also find out why edge detects are crashing or why the renders are coming out all identical; we're not aware of any bugs that could cause either of those at the moment...

How to render a slap comp? 2024年7月19日11:50

Do you have a scene file we could look at?

How to make a apex geo file for Slap? 2024年7月17日8:37

You can use the Block to Geometry COP to convert your block into a geometry that can be used for slap comp with husk. If you extract this geometry out into SOPs (using the COP Network SOP), you can then save it out as a .bgeo file from there.