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Button callback in HDA fails to run (H17.0) 2018年11月14日13:24

I have an HDA. Inside the HDA, I have a null which contains a string parameter called “code” and a button called “execute.”

I am using this callback on the button to run the code when the button is pressed:

When I press the button in the interface of the null, the code executes as expected.

The button is exposed in the parameter interface for the HDA. When I press the button there, the code does not execute. I don't get any error or message.

I thought perhaps that kwargs might point to the wrong node when the button is invoked from the HDA interface; but in all my reading the kwargs in the callback script for the button should be correct – pointing to the null.

Even stranger, when I edit the HDA type interface to try to fix it, then it starts working again. However, when I save out the HDA and try to test it in a fresh session, I'm back to the old behaviour.

Can anyone point out what I might be doing wrong?