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Update a common set of parameters across multiple projects? 2020年9月18日6:23


Just tried the HDA method and it works like a dream!

The steps used were:
  1. Wrapped the “global_parameters” null into a subnet.
  2. Converted the subnet to an HDA with some meaningful label and saved the HDA to the scanned asset library (e.g. in C:\Users\<username>\houdini18.0\otls). N.B. no promotion of parameters is required.
  3. In the existing projects, installed the new HDA and then replaced the old “global_parameters” null with the above HDA.
  4. Used the opchange Hscript command to convert all references to “global_parameters” to (e.g.) “my_HDA/global_parameters”.

So now, whatever project I am working on, if I decide to change something globally, I just need to unlock the HDA, dive inside and change one or more settings, jump back out and perform “Save Node Type” and “Match Current Definition” on the HDA. The changes will be reflected across all the other projects.

Thanks to Tim and tamte specifically for the HDA suggestions/details and, once again, to everyone else for their excellent ideas!

All the best and keep safe,

Update a common set of parameters across multiple projects? 2020年9月17日12:18

Hi Tim,

Thanks for answering my questions. Agree that maybe a digital asset might be the way to go.

To everyone who has contributed to this thread so far - many thanks for your input and time - much appreciated.


Update a common set of parameters across multiple projects? 2020年9月17日6:01

Thanks Tim, that's another very interesting idea!

Apologies in advance, but being a complete novice when it come to Python and its use within Houdini, I have a few follow-up questions:
  1. Using your method, would I still be able to retain the user-friendly functionality of the global parameters null UI to set/update values (there are a total of ~60 parameters with a ~50:50 split between colour information and other numeric values)?
  2. Assuming that I can retain the UI functionality, then how would I export these parameters to the JSON file - either to begin with, or if some parameters subsequently get changed?
  3. Where exactly/how would your Python code snippets be incorporated into the UI to replace the hard-coded values?