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Why is copytopoint doing this? how to fix? 2019年8月8日11:24

Looks like that link was local. []

I wish sidefx would make a good node for easily setting up and manipulating copy orientations.

Possible to edit multiple objects at same time? 2019年8月1日19:55

I get that it's probably a deceivingly tricky thing to achieve due to the nature of Houdini but, maybe they could do it by allowing you to multi select a few edit nodes and edit them at once?

This is something I always come across while modelling in Houdini, and I really enjoy modelling in Houdini. It would be great to get a fix. It's one of those things that you shouldn't have to think about so hard, but you end up having to fully plan doing the tiniest of edits.

Can't get a skinned mesh through to Unity (with FBX) 2019年6月30日23:28

Hey nice one! Getting animation across there can be really tricky but once you’ve got it working it’s pretty cool.