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Houdini Niagara Updates 2020年4月28日14:38

Thanks so much for sharing your examples, and great work! Looking forward to diving in deeper.
Everything is working well on my system after following the instructions closely.

In case this helps other users, I missed the fact that the examples in UE4 are a content plugin. As stated, they must go in the ‘Plugins’ folder of one's UE4 project root. That solved an error I had initially.

For new UE4 users, the example levels may need to be toggled from “Change Streaming Method” –> “Blueprint” to “Always Loaded” to see them when playing the level.

Keep up the great work Mike!

Texture on geo as a matte 2016年2月5日15:28

look at the file
very quick made, but you can get the idea

That was super helpful, thanks!

Building From Source 2015年6月26日13:19

Hello! I've located the issue

It was caused by string define being passed from build.cs file. I've committed a fix and it should be in tomorrow's build as a well as available through Github tomorrow.

Thanks for your help!

Thanks so much for the fix! I just recently tried rebuilding this time with the latest houdini build you mentioned in the github and with UE4, 4.8.1.


Thanks again for the updates