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Blank 'Help Panel' 2023年4月26日19:21

There was a thread a while ago where something like this came up. This may or may not apply to your specific case, but it's worth checking out: []

MaterialX and image sequences 2022年12月11日15:01

It's possible, you just don't do it -inside- the shader. You put a dummy image into the mtlx image node (like: the first one of your sequence for example) and then after the material library you put down a edit material properties lop, populate it, and do it in there. This one will accept time dependent stuff, like mytexture.$F.rat.

This is also the correct way to animate other parameters like blends, colors, and all.

Strange Spheres Appear in Karma Render 2022年12月6日17:44

Further upstream, right after the material fracture (assuming that this is what you used to create your destruction).