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Houdini courses 2010年3月18日15:30

I was trying to coordinate with SideFX in doing something like a 200 or 300 level bootcamp class (5 days or so) like they have for the Introductory Bootcamp.
I would still be interested in this if other people are and if SideFX would be willing.

why?? 2010年1月26日20:44

number one… I'm not big on people whining about things being hard.
If it is too hard… move on.

- with great freedom (or power) comes great responsibility

Houdini gives you the tools to make a helix. You could even create a helix tool of your own, pretty easily. You could post that to the exchange to prevent further concerns about houdini being too hard.

- If everyone could make the effect at the press of a button, it would cease to be a “special” effect.

I hope houdini doesn''t bend to the will of button click…
I'm still very much new to houdini- Still soooo much to learn.
But it is a challenge that I seek with the reward of being able to really control and harness what I am after.

Thanks SESI.

could or did mac update to 10.5.6 kill houdini? 2008年12月24日7:51

to see whether it was a mac thing or not.. I ventured down a dark road last night and made my MBP a dual boot system and installed Ubuntu.
A few very quick trials and it appears to be working much better in the linux environment. I'll try and do a bit more testing today.
I would love to go back to a single environment.