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Visualizing MaterialX VOP's 2023年11月17日16:59

My workflow is to use the Surface Unlit shader
That's essentially what the shader translator authors when it sees the Visualize VOP. It's just does it in the Viewport Override layer, so there are less chances of the debugging making its way to the final rendering by mistake.

(In H20 it actually uses EDF+Surface shader, but in the next version it's simplified to use the Unlit surface shader).

MaterialX node documentation? 2023年11月6日17:01

The signature parameter switches the types of the node's inputs and outputs. It's a Houdini way of dealing with the same operation that has several variants, each differing only in the types it takes.

A MaterialX shader node can have several definitions that differ only in type it takes, and therefore such definitions fit well with Houdini's concept of a signature.

The signature name in Houdini comes form MaterialX name of the given definition (eg, "ND_multiply_vector2" and "ND_multiply_vector3FA"). We try to keep close to the original name, while making it a little bit more human-readable.

houdini 19.5 issue - stacking Set Variant nodes 2023年8月10日16:05

This is a bug in 19.5 (is being fixed and tested at the moment).