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FBX char rigs incoming via USD 2023年8月30日6:13

Ah classic. Click around for a couple hours. Post to forum. Find answer oneself seconds later.

Please ignore question above.

For info of anyone reading - there's a USD Character Import SOP, does exactly what I want.


FBX char rigs incoming via USD 2023年8月30日6:09


I'm experimenting a bit with workflow for UE5->Houdini, sending shots through as USD files. Looking super promising with some good wins so far.

It's bringing in the fbx based char rigs (SKMs) with their animation being applied as viewed through the delegates in Solaris. It's clear this isn't a vertex cache, it's doing the bone deforms; there's a SkelAnim, Skeleton and Mesh primitives in the Composed Scene graph. Brilliant.

What I'd love to do is pull that into houdini proper. If I use a lopimport sop I just get the mesh in it's bind position - no anim. If I use Sop Modify Lop I again just get the mesh in the bind position.

Is there a way to pull the SkelAnim and Skeleton primitives out of the stage and into sops so I can apply a bone deform there? Any access at all to any of that?


hqueue MQ server issue, windows py3 2023年4月9日1:21

I never got anywhere with this, so I deleted the 19.5.x versions of hqueue client and server and went back to the launcher. I installed highest version available there which was 19.0.944 py2. Usual schenanigans with SMB mount ownership stuff ( which I resolve by simply running the client bat script as my regular user ) and I seem to be back in business.

I do still a string of the same "Could not find output file for job" errors but they resolve after 15 seconds or so - guessing that's how long it takes for the MQ server to start for each job...? Anyway, can live with this.