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Using an attribute to drive Activation in Pop Force 2020年6月28日16:59

Oh, I see. Thank you very much for a quick answer.

Using an attribute to drive Activation in Pop Force 2020年6月28日1:43

Hi all,

I have a following problem: I try to use an integer attribute (values 0 and 1 and the node is plugged into the first slot of Pop Network) and I want to drive the Activation in the Pop Force with this attribute. The problem is it doesn't work at all. ( I set the Input1 tab to First Context Geometry).
I tried to bring this attribute using the “point” function in the pop wrangle and geometry wrangle. I have also tried to use it in the Vex fields of the Pop Force. No luck.
I am sure I missed something. Can someone explain me how to do it properly?

Solver problem 2020年2月6日14:12

Thank you very much - that was it ! . Thank you for the very quick reply. Have a nice day.