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Display selection toggle via Python 2023年1月24日4:18

Once you have pane(i.e., the SceneViewer) you can call setShowSelectionon it.
pane = hou.ui.curDesktop().paneTabOfType(hou.paneTabType.SceneViewer)
pane.setShowSelection(False)  # or True to turn it on

Sampling Behavior options on certain 19.5 LOPs 2023年1月16日4:30

so the reason why it worked and i got all the timesamples in my USD was because i deleted the expressions in the start/end/inc fields.

Looking at your test scene, that would definitely explain it. You could also change the ROP from "Render Current Frame" to "Render Specific Frame Range".

Again, we're reevaluating this design. You're not the first person to be caught out where the stage appears to have all the data you want, but then only a subset actually gets saved to disk.

Sampling Behavior options on certain 19.5 LOPs 2023年1月13日3:30

Can you share a hip file? There are some subtleties as to the range of samples that gets generated. The "Sample Frame Range" option, by default, uses @ropstart, @ropend, @ropinc for its range. If you end up writing out only frame 2 in your ROP, only the sample for frame 2 will end up in your USD file.

This is something we're discussing internally - trying to find the right balance between not unexpectedly generating too much or too little data.