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Render gallery can't save when using linux 2024年4月1日11:01

If you delete that 0kb file and try again do you end up in the same position, or does it now work? We've been unable to reproduce anything like this so far.

Render gallery can't save when using linux 2024年4月1日3:32

I can save hipfile , render image to server, cache usd or bgeo to server, but Can't save renderGallery.

Does a galleriessubdirectory of $HIPalready exist? If so, do you have permissions to write into it? If not, do you have permissions to create it?

Custom Husk Procedurals 2024年3月25日5:35

I'd agree that forum post is not a bad place to begin, and let's see whether that provides enough context for more targeted questions. Either way, let me know and I'll pick it up from there.