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Get point indices in prims with Python 2016年3月9日16:46

I am trying to access the point indices prims are made up of in Python.

Currently I am doing this with:

for k in geo.prims():
MyCurrentFace = k
NumVertsCurrentFace = MyCurrentFace.numVertices()

for Verts in MyCurrentFace.vertices():
VertsCurrentFace = Verts.point().number()
print VertsCurrentFace

It works but it is relatively slow.
In another thread where I asked how to access point positions I was told that it would be very fast with using:


That worked very fast.
So my question is, is it possible to get the point indices of individual faces in a similar way?

I have so far tried to create relevant Attributs with nodes such as the attribcreate node, but I wasn´t sucessful.
I did some other tests and manged to create Attributes such as Normals and similar things with nodes which I was then able to access with Python. But I have so far not managed to create Attributes for point index per prim.

Getting locations of points with Python is slow 2016年3月8日17:02

Thank you, this is a lot faster.

I am interested in pointFloatAttribValues. How do I find out which other Attributes besides “P” I can use in pointFloatAttribValues?
I checked in the manual but I can not find a list of Attributes. Hadn´t you told me I would never have known that “P” works. How would one find that out?

Getting locations of points with Python is slow 2016年3月8日14:44


I am trying to collect the locations off all points in a mesh with python. Currently I am doing that with the following line:

MyNumPoints = len(MyNode.geometry().points())

for i in range(MyNumPoints):

The script gets exremely slow on meshes that have around 1000 points or more.
Is there a better way to access point positions via Python?

Or is it perhaps better to use hscript or VEX for something like that?