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UE4 landscape bakes / Bake folder attribute 2020年6月28日18:52

Hi all,

I'm having troubles getting the s@unreal_bake_folder Detail attribute to work. I'm using Houdini Engine to import heightfields as landscape actors. I want the LayerInfo assets that UE4 creates to go into the defined folder.

for example I have tried the following paths:
s@unreal_bake_folder= “Content/MyGame/Assets/Terrain/LayerInfos” ;
s@unreal_bake_folder= “Game/MyGame/Assets/Terrain/LayerInfos” ;
s@unreal_bake_folder= “D:/MyUE4Project/Content/MyGame/Assets/Terrain/LayerInfos” ;

also tried backslashes instead of forward.

Although “Game” doesnt exist as a folder in my project I noticed that the HDA when added to my level in UE4 lists the default BakeFolder as /Game/HoudiniEngine/Temp . The Layerinfos do go into this temp folder when the HDA is “live” and not yet baked.

Can anyone tell me whats wrong with the s@unreal_bake_folder I'm defining? As a side note, “Bake to Actors” doesnt not see to do anything, I have to hit the Bake button for the landscape under the Houdini Generated Meshes tab. When baking though none of the contents of the /Game/HoudiniEngine/Temp are copied/moved anywhere.

this is UE 4.25, Houdini Engine version 18.0.499


Recommended workflow for Fracturing + custom collision geo 2019年12月11日5:22


I've been working on a HDA that fractures meshes. The exposed controls mean that the number of fracture pieces can change, meaning you cant predefine all the required geo containers in the HDA that ultimately determine what unique game objects get created over in unity.

For now, I'm falling back to using the “split by group” option, but this is no longer recommended as far as I know? I can't figure out a workflow that allows for custom collision geo when using split by group.

So, alternatively i modified the static fracture export node to output fracture pieces under my HDA subnet, instead of at object level. That doesn't work on the unity side as I've been told Hengine cant handle dynamic creation of geo containers very well.

To boil it down - what is the recommended workflow for getting a unique gameobject per fracture piece, WITH custom collision geo through hengine/unity?