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When I use the terrain tree instance, I get the problem when I separate the terrain!!! 2019年10月17日9:10

This is a known issue that requires a fix. Basically when you merge the heightfields and the scatter points, the heightfields are still exported separately as tiles, but the points will be a single geo. The plugin uses the ‘tile’ attribute to map the scatter point geo to corresponding terrain tile, in this case it is the first tile.

Current recommendation is not to merge everything. But I will update this thread when a fix is in, though no ETA on it yet.

Shadow Gaps on Mesh 2019年10月17日9:07

Probably something to do with the vertex splitting? Do you have an HDA that I can test with.

Instancing Unity prefab with Houdini ? 2019年10月17日9:05

No I haven't reproduced it. Which version of Unity are you using, as well as Houdini version?
Please provide an HDA to test with.