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Houdini Engine: Houdini Engine: Asset busy (cook status: COOKING). Unable to start cooking! 2019年7月18日22:52

Hmm, that sounds like a bug. You shouldn't force set the cook status because it is there to make the Recook and Rebuild properly finish (otherwise you can end up doing a Rebuild before a Recook is finished which guarantees a bad state). Do you have a reproducible HDA that you can submit with a bug report?


Different result with recook <-> rebuild 2019年7月18日22:48

The current parameters are the ones you currently have set on the HDA in Unity. The plugin saves out a preset of all parameters and inputs before a Rebuild. Then the preset is applied during the rebuild after the HDA is initially loaded and cooked.

Use Rebuild if you change parameters and HDA network. To be honest, I would always suggest using Rebuild if you actually saved the HDA in Houdini after a change.

Rebuild does the following:
-Save parameter values and inputs as presets.
-Clears out all existing state and destroys all generated objects.
-Deletes the HDA instance in Houdini, then reloads it.
-Cooks the HDA, then generates the output. (first cook). It will have default parameter values.
-Applies the saved preset (parameter values and inputs, if found and valid).
-Does a Recook (second cook). This basically cooks with your saved parameter and input values.
-Clears the preset.

Use Recook for normal parameter and input changes. This checks changed parameter and input values, and only uploads those that changed. Note that if a new session of Houdini, and HDA does not exist, actually does a Rebuild instead.

Otherwise Recook does the following:
-Uploads changed parameters and inputs (so incidentally current values are kept).
-Cooks HDA and generates output.

There is also Reset Parameters which is basically the nuclear option. This does same as Rebuild but without the parameter preset step.

tl;dr: Use Rebuild if you changed the HDA. Otherwise Recook.

PDG to Deadline Connection 2019年7月16日14:36

Would be great to have a hint in the scheduler and/or in the help file. Because I believed the Repository parameter is mandatory in order to connect to a database. Have not thought that far that it might use the Deadline standard settings if left empty.

Its in the tooltip and online documentation:
The Deadline repository to use, along with SSL credentials if required. For a Direct connection type, this could be the path to the mounted directory (for example, // For a Proxy, this would be the URL to the repository along with the port, and login information. This field can be left empty in which case the default Deadline repository will be used.

That would be great to have them as task. But it is not that bad to have them as separate jobs, in spite of Deadline Monitor gets pretty quickly flooded with job entries.

Thank you so much!

Yes I should have mentioned the batch setting as well. But the task feature that will be added will improve performance when scheduling jobs. Deadline's commandline has a delay that adds up when scheduling multiple work items. Plus with this new feature a slave will be able to execute multiple work items at a time, instead of 1 work item per slave as is currently.