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Unity terrain generation & input changes (Houdini 18.0.418) 2020年4月2日9:40

Yes there is a tile overlap value on the height field node meant for seamless edges.

Unity terrain generation & input changes (Houdini 18.0.418) 2020年3月31日8:23

It was updated in Houdini 18.0.418, so any latest daily version will have it. Get it here: []

Bug with HDA "missing node" 2020年3月30日14:42

Please submit a ticket to our support to improve the message when dependent HDAs are not found.

As for unity_houdini.env file, it only supports relative paths when using paths in Assets/ or Packages/. The reason being is that the plugin uses quite a few Unity APIs to load assets, which only work with relative paths from Assets/ and Packages/.

If you are using VCS, the recommended workflow is to use a mapping as described here: []

You can set a single path to your VCS root in unity_houdini.env:

Then any assets loaded from C:\Dev\MyRepo will have <HEU_ENVPATH_VSC_ROOT> as part of their path. Then when using this asset on another computer, as long as it has HEU_ENVPATH_VSC_ROOT mapped in its local unity_houdini.env file, it will evaluate to the proper location.