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Ubuntu 12.04 2012年4月18日10:51

yes, an it's works.
But be careful with the drivers…it is not working in mi laptop with ubuntu 12,04

gwavefront: command not found 2011年10月11日18:20

Hi, I get this error in:
Houdini 11.1
OpenSuse 11.4

When I put a geometry SOP with a .obj in the file node I can see the geometry and all is correct. But when I save the .hip and reopen this .hip i get an error, “gwavefront: command not found” and .obj is not loaded.

I try a lot of things all of today, like start houdini with root user, doing source houdini_setup everytime, modifying the scripts to get a absolute path of environment variables, install in other computer (same suse same houdini version) etc. but I didn't fix it….
Can anyone get me some help please?

gwavefront: command not found 2011年10月11日18:19

Sorry I put the comment in the wrong forum, copy and paste in “Technical discussion”