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transferring image pixel colors on to instanced geometry p 2012年3月22日12:42

oh yeah, totally. it gives me a few errors when I try to open it up.. something about the unrecognized parameter ‘target’ , unrecognized parameter 'refill_bias" in material layered.
can you give me a quick overview of what you did? I see you added a point2 node after copy_stikies, does it give you an access to the points on each stikie?
Thank you so much.

transferring image pixel colors on to instanced geometry p 2012年3月22日3:13

I have been following this stickies tutorial http://www.sidefx.com/images/stories/tutorials/stickies/stickies_animation_tutorial.pdf [sidefx.com]
Instead of creating the animation, I just imported an image. Now I am trying to transfer the pixels/color from the image on to the instanced stickies. Of course it does not work well, because each sticky gets the color from point it's attached to and I loose details. Basically each sticky becomes a huge pixel.
Is there a way to map the image pixels on the points of the instanced sticky?
I have attached the hipnc for reference. You'd need to import your own file in the image node. Thanks.

Houdini 11.0.581 Install / UI Issue 2011年3月4日13:42

yep. i have had the same issue on and off in 10 , but then it somehow got fixed. and now I m having the same issue in 11. pretty much cant use 11. ATI Radeon x1900XT