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multiple uv sets from maya to houdini 2023年7月31日11:57

helloo tamte
thanks for the replay , the issue is that i cannot find from my imported file the secound uv set on my geo , so i guess something missing while i export my maya file , i dont know what is the step , it always read my first uv set not the secound one , and i am sure i checked the uvset option in the maya export for the usd file

multiple uv sets from maya to houdini 2023年7月31日4:53

helloo GlenD ,
no it dosent show that at all

multiple uv sets from maya to houdini 2023年3月26日20:10

hello all , i have a model with 2 uv sets , one for fur and other for texture , when i export to Houdini , it only read the texture uv m how can i make it jump between the 2 uv sets ? is there a attribute wrangler , when i export from maya i tick on the write uv wets and write uv , am i missing something in exporting from maya ?
thanks all