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Voronoy Fracture doesn't creates inside group! 2012年3月2日18:08

It's a very very bad featrure that in H12 toggle:

RigidBodySolver>VoronoiFractureSolver>Fracture_SOP_Solver>VoronoiFracture>Create Output Groups

don't exist in Rigid Body Solver asset's interface. I need to unlock two assets on the path to this option to make it change!

Restore data of simulation. 2011年3月20日19:21

Ahhhh, I see. Thanks! If I have simulated with .sim file, how should I do?

set latest .sim file as initial state for dop network and continue the simulation.

Combining RBD with SOP Solver forces SDF-calc on each frame 2011年3月20日19:12

thanks for the tip, i tried this but it seems like the calculations are still done on every frame

this is not the normal behaviour? maybe something wrong with my setup?

i was gonna create a primitive attribute for the velocity of each fragment of a breaking geometry, my workaround is to extract this information after the simulation now with a dop expression, but has i have to do this for each fragment using a delete/copy network it's pretty slow. (still faster than simulating with the sop solver active)

i think it would be much faster to incorporate this information using the sop solver, if it didn't force the SDF calculation.

another way could be to calculate the velocity per-point using a trail sop, but this is not ideal for my situation

i have the same task and absolutely the same problem!