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Houdini to Different Software Axis Conversion Lookup Table 2023年2月14日20:35

This is great but I honestly have no idea how to actually apply the information provided here. Ive been trying to do this with a transform node and Im just getting confused. Maybe Ill try to do work out how to do this with vex.

How would you get the transforms of an object plugged into an hda in Unreal Engine? 2022年6月1日3:17

The Unreal plugin has a new input type called "World Outliner Input". With this, you can input multiple Actors from the scene into a single input on the asset. What this does in Houdini is create a Merge SOP that puts together all the input meshes from the input Actors and passes it to the asset's input.

Knowing this, you can go back up the input to the asset and find the list of input meshes (which are in their own OBJ nodes) and get their transforms.
Hi, I googled this because Im trying to do the same thing. I don't know how to begin to do what you've described, but it looks like what I need. Could you please elaborate?