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deform with matrix but keep normals intact ? 2018年10月20日10:03

Would an attribute copy SOP do the trick? If your point count is the same, copying over the normals from your pre-deformed geometry might work.

Collider not working correctly, what did I do wrong? 2018年10月19日12:54

Ah, sorry. I wasn't able to run the sim on my home laptop. Seeing the other issues now.

in the autodop network, navigate to your grid1 static object, click the collisions tab, and under the volume tab decrease your division size. (0.02 seems good)

On the flip fluid object check on Collision separation and decrease the size to something like 0.05

That should get you what you need. If you want a better understanding of how to set up colliders with FLIP, check out the first 30min of this webinar: []

Collider not working correctly, what did I do wrong? 2018年10月17日23:44

Try ticking on “output back” on your polyextrude SOP. If you check the VDB output (second output) on the collision source SOP, you'll see that without output back turned on, the VDB isn't properly representing those hexagonal collision objects.

Hope that does the trick!