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Fur Dude main control issues 2022年2月9日6:15

Could someone please help me figuring out what went wrong with the controls of pelvis and COG? the control circles are rotated. How can I fix those?

Fur Dude breaks after renaming GEO 2022年2月7日12:26

Yes, it is H19. Thank you very much (may I ask if there's an ETA on that)
Thank you for the awesome tutorials btw

Fur Dude breaks after renaming GEO 2022年2月7日5:57


Wanted to ask a question regarding Fur Dude - Part 7. After saving the geo and the skeleton to two seperate files with ROP Geometry, the tutorial goes one level up and renames the GEO from Fur Dude to Fur Dude Capture.

If I do this, and then try to move the parts with rigpose, you see what happens in the screenshot. I basically can't pose it anymore. Until this point it works perfectly