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Mantra Transmission Color, at Distance 2021年3月19日19:10

Hi. There's a toggle for "Enable Absorption and Nested Dielectrics" under Rendering->Shading tab in mantra ROP which needs to be enabled for transmission colour to work under PBR.

That was it, thank you

Mantra Transmission Color, at Distance 2021年3月12日18:09

Hi all,

This is driving me crazy, I'm hoping that it's something silly that I've missed.

No matter what I set the "At Distance" value to (very small to very large)in the Principled Shader, I can't get the color to show up in the transparent geo.

I have a polygonal sphere, radius of 1, Transmission Color 1,0,0, and like I said, I've tried very small(.0001)and very large (1000) values in the "At Distance" parm, no change. I get the red in the caustics though, which is baffling to me.

Renderer is vanilla mantra, PBR.

What am I missing?


H17 Add Fur/Paint Thickness Attribute Shelf tool error 2019年3月5日16:21

Hey all,

Anyone else run into this with the off-the-shelf “Add Fur” shelf tool?

-create a polygonal sphere
-choose the “Add Fur” shelf tool
-select the sphere
-in the “geo1_hairgen” node, go to the “Thickness” tab and switch “No Override” to “Skin Attribute”:

-hit the “Paint Thickness Attrib” button
-error: “The node ”“ referenced by parameter ”Groom Object“ does not exist.”