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Houdini Ocean and 3rd Party Render Engines 2024年6月3日6:12

Yeah, I got this working (after SideFx Support pointed out my errors).

I will share a working file for Redshift ASAP!

Hey, I'm trying to figure this out for Vray Houdini. Could you upload your file, and maybe that lead me to the correct answers in vray aswell.

Flip-exclude collision Object from 'Stick on Collision' 2019年8月14日8:51

I'm also very curious about this question, I'm trying to figure it out in a similar scene.

Ripple Solver Interact with object 2019年3月18日5:25

Hello people!

I know this is an old post but I found out one way to make “fake collision.” I have been doing a boat simulation and wasn't allowed to use a flip sim because of speed and resources. I struggled quite a bit to find a solution to make the waves collide with the boat. But here is my solution to that

What I found out was that if you select and area and change the attribute of conservation or wavespeed to 0, then the ripples will collide with that area. So it's like a cheat way. But if your object are moving it's not enough to just plug it into the rest grid or initial grid. You need to do this with sop solver in dops. Entagma has a tutorial how to create ripples with a sop solver. I created a group of points and then put down create attribute node after that one and selected the group to make that have 0 conservation.

I hope this maybe can help a troubled soul