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UV Relax 2023年1月2日2:25

Thanks! I'll check it. I tried pelt before but i couldn't use the results as those were not decent for a game.

Interesting enough that uv edit node has capability to relax selection but has no capability to perform it procedurally.

UV Relax 2022年12月30日5:19

For me, relaxing is not just relaxing the interior vertices, but relaxing the whole, respecting the boundaries, and making sure there is no overlap. Last time I have seen a decent relaxing was in Maya (or Softimage)

UV Relax 2022年12月23日2:50

I have a decimated version of a high-resolution model, and I need to map it. Knowing that the model is WIP and there will be changes, I need to set up a network to do this procedurally. Now, AutoSeam or Labs AutoUV provides an OK job, but I need to get rid of overlaps. OK, there's the Labs remove overlap node, but it introduces new UV islands, which are not the best solution for a game asset.
Is there any procedural way to do UV relaxing?

Thanks and Merry Christmas!