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Licensing issues (apprentice - winxp) 2006年1月4日16:04

I also have had exactly similar issues with re-installing of my Apprentice license. For some reason , the keys do not automatically take so I have to Manually instal them from Side Effects site. I check my license manager, and everything seems to be validated but when trying to start Houdini, I receive the same errors (“the License Server may not serve licenses” ). I also run Win XP pro. So it seems the issue has to do with Houdini license manager and Windows.

Stamping chop animation? 2005年9月27日14:45

I am not sure if you already tried this, but load the Copy CHOP example from the help browser. It uses the stamp function to vary animation for each copy and the result is sent back to SOPs using a Channel SOP. Hope this helps.

Baking out geo using Rop_geometry SOP in apprentice? 2005年8月23日16:15

Just checking, you can not bake out geo through rop_geometry SOP in Apprentice, right?