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VEX - testing attributes within a group of attributes 2024年2月20日16:46

you can also use 2 attrib promotes to get min and max of "class2" from prim to prim using "class" as piece attrib

then do prim Wrangle:
i@unique = i@min == i@max;

Removing intersections between geometries 2024年2月20日16:38

getting rid of intersection is a very ambiguous task as it can bean a lot of things
if all the pieces are watertight you can possibly just append Boolean SOP and it will combine all
you may want to be more selective about whats combined and whats subtracted from what and that's the ambiguous part

however for the destruction intersections shouldn't matter as much if anything I'd say that combined mesh can make things much more difficult as then you'd still need to decompose your shapes into convex hulls which is much easier if you start with a lot of separate pieces even if intersecting, rather than a single monolithic mesh

Bullet should handle initial overlaps gracefully so things should not just explode when activated or released from constraints

Copying point animation from a static mesh to a moving one 2024年2月20日15:51

Is my project aim possible? Are tangent spaces the way to go for this?

Yes, its definitely possible
1. Your process sounds like it should work if done correctly

2. You can also probably use Point Deform to capture the animated face with rest face and deform to the world space face

3. Or you can compute your displacement vector on the rest face towards animated one and use Attribute Reorient SOP to apply it to the world space one and then displace