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Exoside QuadRemesher Error in CookNow 2024年6月2日22:19

I am getting an error when I try to use Exoside QuadRemesher and do not understand what is the cause.
Houdini version 19.5.493.
Image Not Found

Did you get any solution?

Run bash command in terminal using PDG 2024年5月31日22:22

Tyler Britton2
I was wondering how I would run a linux terminal bash script using PDG. Something like the Unix sop node, but in TOPS. It is just a one line script (it is actually just “deadlineslave” to start a Deadline slave on my workstation).

Though I haven't utilized PDG, I can assist brainstorm! While there may not be a direct counterpart to the Unix sop node, try these methods:

Command Launch: PDG may feature a "command launch" capability to perform a shell command. You may execute your "deadlineslave" script directly. PDG manual explains how to do this.
Python Script: If PDG enables Python code, build a small Python script that calls os.system to execute your bash script. A more structured approach may give greater flexibility.
Let me know if you try either and how it goes! If not, a forum member may know PDG-specific information.

Welcome to the Animation Forum 2024年5月30日22:14

Hey all, welcome to the new Animation Forum. The intent for this forum is to be more animator centric and less about the technical aspects. Think of it more about how to drive a car than how you would build it. Looking forward to hearing any ideas, thoughts, workflows, tips and tricks etc from everyone!

I'm new to this field but have all the interest in the world about animation. Looking for some experts' tip!