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How much does VRAY for Houdini suck? 2023年3月2日0:53

haha dude! I had to reply to this. YES! I have been trying to give Vray 6 a chance for a month with my 30 day trial. It is THE worst renderer I have ever attempted to use. The new "ocean" integration sucks. Normal map and bump map workflow is ???? You can't rotate the dome light around in the y, but x and z will flip it all over the place. I wasn't even allowed to post on the forums for help even though I was logged in and registered, probably because I was on a trial and didn't pay, I'm glad I didn't pay for that garbage. I agree with you 100%. If I have to search google and forums to figure out why my normal map looks funky and why I cant rotate an env light you lose my interest. It had a lot of cool looking features like the proc clouds and stuff but I'm done with it!

Variants not working in StageManager 2022年11月7日16:05

Dude! I'm also trying to get megascans working properly. It seems like it should work great when you import to USD stage but everything is broken

Instancer node in Houdini Karma xpu is not showing textures 2022年11月7日16:02

I think the instancer automatically switches the view mode to "proxy". On the viewport sidebar, there's the glasses icon, make sure "render" is checked, not "proxy". Maybe this is it?