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Mantra vs AMD Threadripper 2990wx 2018年10月3日10:04

Have you tried different bucket sizes?
That sometimes also can change performance speed( i have noticed that in other render engines)

Packed objects, instancing, materials problem. 2017年8月22日20:32

Thanks jsmack! That got it working, it seems that also instancing problem is fixed because of this.

Packed objects, instancing, materials problem. 2017年8月22日7:31

Hi im working on vegetation scene and testing worflows with Mantra.

I have this scene/setup with tree:

First part:
- I have tree geometry with groups that contain trunk/branches/leafs.
- with Material SOP assign each group the material they need.
- Then I convert object to packed and export as bgeo.

Second part:
- In new Geometry node, import with File SOP exported tree object as packed disk primitive.
Problem #1 At this part I dont understand how to assign materials back to each group…
I undesrand there is style sheets, but I cant found how to work with packed prims and if there is some automated way how packed prim gets the material automaticly?

Third part:
- I use instance object to populate ground with this tree, I aim to the imported packed disk prim.
Problem #2 Mantra takes infinte time to load the scene when I sue instance, basically, I cant start the rendering.
What im doing wrong in this workflow?

I have the scene but it uses Evermotion tree so I probably cant share, atleast in public, i might create tree out of speedtree and share the hip for those who are interested to have a look.