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"Render All Frames with a Single Process" 2024年3月1日14:36

There are a couple of potential problems with rendering all frames from a single process:
1. it's harder to track progress
2. problems can occur when objects move from far away to up close - redicing may be required, but may not happen
3. Problems with some LOP setups can be "papered over" by rendering each frame separately (as described above by @goldleaf)
4. there used to be a much bigger problem, where the more frames you render from a single process, the more likely the renderer is to crash. It still happens of course, but far less frequently than when we made the decision on this default.

If we solved that first problem I'd be more likely to consider changing this default... Even more so if husk could detect frames that had already been rendered and skip ahead to the first frame in the sequence that didn't already exist on disk (in case it crashes half way through the sequence).

Anyway, it's definitely something we should consider...

Therefore I‘ve made a feature request for a progress display for the cooking process, especially if you start render from TOP.
And it would be helpful to something like the cache to disk nodes, if it‘s finished, that you always can read the file again and render as long there is no change.

"Render All Frames with a Single Process" 2024年2月29日21:19

Hi also have questions to Render All Franes wirh a single Process. []

Thanks Tom

Simple Rendering Question 2024年2月16日11:55

Hi again:

Maybe someone can help me.

I have a scene in Houdini and like to render out with Karma XPU some different shots i.e. Frame 1 - 100, Frame 250 - 400 .....
Therefore I would like to use the TOPnet.

I have a working solution via ROP-Fetch, see attachement.
I just have a concern, if I tick "Render All Frames in a single Process" in the USD-Render ROP
Houdini will start to chache out the USD file first. Depending on the scene, this can take forever and
I have no information about the progress of caching, if it ever starts render images.

So what is a comfortable render solution with some visual feedback of progress and best performance?