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UV view issues. 2020年11月23日13:07

I'm trying to edit my UV's in the UV view and run into some frustrating issues.

- When I create a second UV set like “UV2” and try to edit it in the UV view, the UV's are only visible when I zoom the UV viewport. They are invisible or disappear whenever I try to select some vertices / UV's or do anything else.

It's almost impossible to edit UV's this way.

- When I try to select an overlapped UV island I can't use Primitive selection to select the underlying UV island because the UV's that are on top will always be selected.
So I try try to use vertice or point selection. But I can't seem to be able to select an isolated UV island this way, because when I double click a point, Houdini decides to select the complete object instead of just the UV island. And double clicking in vertice mode doesn't work at all, nothing happens.

The only way seems to be growing a small selection until the complete island is selected. Or select the Primitive island first and then convert the selection to vertices. But then the first issue appears again….

Are these known issues or bugs ?



Multiple UV sets with Redshift 2020年11月23日8:59

Is it possible to use multiple UV sets with Redshift in Houdini ?

I’ve been trying to use 2 textures each with their own UV set. Something that is a breeze in Softimage, but it seems Houdini refuses to use anything else then the 1st uv set.

Using Redshift 3.033 / Houdini 18.5.351



Multiple scenes 2020年11月19日2:45

Did you try using “takes” ?