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Motion Designer from the beautiful island of Xaymaca (Jamaica). Houdini is my tool of choice and I'm comfortable on both the creative and technical side of things. Oh, and I love DOPS in DOPS but it's cool we can have it in SOPS as well.
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Runaway Bay, Jamaica

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APEX and Invocation of rig graphs 2024年3月11日14:50

I'm unsure of what you're trying to accomplish using the invoke graph here, but what I can tell is that there simply no 'rig' to execute in your scene animate, you pack a box using the packfolder node and call it base.rig, but it still just an inert cube, there no graph to be executed by the scene animate.

when you use invoke sop, the graph you're inputing in the first input is what gonna be executed at this very moment, what the invoke will output in your case is nothing more than the geometry you packed. the graph itself you used in the invoke do not carry over to the next step.

Thanks @Jacquesf, is there a way to have the invoke send out a rig graph?

APEX and Invocation of rig graphs 2024年3月10日23:25

I'm working on getting a better understanding of APEX; my aim is to create a simple rig where a sop geometry is controlled by one transform object. I got it to work without using the invoke graph SOP, but when I try to use the invoke sop, I don't understand how to make it treat the APEX graph as a rig graph so that the transform controls show up in the animate state.

Because this is so simple, there should be no need to set up any type of kinefx skel and the only thing I really need from SOPS is the geo(shp). In the file provided (the not working red section), essentially I want a better understanding of how to use such a setup to create the packed shape and rig prims and get them to be picked up by the animation state and when does houdini treat the APEX graph as a rig graph?

Hopefully that all makes sense.

conditionals using ifbegin/ifend in APEX 2024年3月10日13:57

like this...
Thanks @patar, this part I got, but I now realize that if nothing is happening between the begin and end block it will just passthrough the data regardless of the result of the condition. My thought process was that I could feed through 2 inputs into the begin block, plug the begin output of those into the end block and then that would have one output that depends on the result of the condition lol.