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MaterialX third-party authoring tools? 2022年10月13日9:25

Yeah fingers crossed it will support MaterialX shortly...

MaterialX third-party authoring tools? 2022年10月12日9:11

Yeah I've seen that library; it's very good. There is no clue as to how they authored the materials though.

I am thinking it be possible to use Quixel Mixer to generate the texture and then python to put the mtlx file together (possibly using the python binding from the official MaterialX library []...). That would mean no custom shader nodes, but might be good enough for now...

MaterialX third-party authoring tools? 2022年10月12日5:40

Does anyone have suggestions as to third-party tools that could be used to author `.mtlx` files for import into Houdini?

Substance Designer has a half-baked plugin for the 2020 version but it hasn't been updated so I guess Adobe don't think MaterialX is important and it looks like Quixel have nothing at all...

Does anyone have any other ideas?