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Can we get native Mac trackpad support ? 2016年5月28日12:52

Actually, Blender (The free app!) works quite well with the mac trackpad.
Blender is configurable, but mine is setup like this (probably the default):
2 finger move (trackpad not pushed in) - pan
alt - 2 finger move (trackpad not pushed in) - rotate
mac zoom gesture - zoom

It's definitely preferable to support gestures without pressing, since pressing while dragging on the trackpad increases friction between your fingers and the trackpad - decreasing accuracy

I have written my own game level editor that works fairly well with the trackpad.
So I know its not too difficult to add this stuff.

Mac trackpads actually support tracking of up to 11 independent fingers with pressure and angle tracking. So they can be very expressive if used fully.

Can we get native Mac trackpad support ? 2016年5月25日2:27

No middle mouse button.
I am willing to use a mouse sometimes, but its not always convenient.
I have already tried some of those event remapping programs, they don't work that well.
I would prefer it if Houdini had native support.