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Time to dump Orbolt? 2020年5月1日15:01

I also think curation is key. I want to be able to find the best tools as fast as possible and when I download them I can trust, with a good amount of certainty, it will do what’s advertised if its a “featured” tool. Along with the obvious something that prevents people from positing duplicate tools. There needs to be some kind of screening process.

i like curation idea. like steam. that would be fun and useful

the old hip library 2020年5月1日14:55

i'm trying to remember, what was the old hip sharing library thing called? like 10 years ago?

does that still exist?

Which operating system is stable for SIDEFX HOUDINI? 2020年4月23日23:54

Wow, that's a significant improvement… I'm tempted to try a dual boot… it's always the danged wifi with linux, tho… I'll just bet, without trying, that my laptop's wifi card is incompatible/not-supported/jiggery-pokey with linux…

any recommendations for a good m.2 wifi card that is linux-easy/linux-ready?