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steam/wine 2022年1月31日21:20

anybody have the steam version working on wine? (seems to crash on start for me, with current editions) or proton? (i haven't tried)

can we please has a native linux steam version?

houdini (steam) under wine 2021年9月23日22:59

hey, does anybody have any tips for running houdini (windows) under wine?

I have the steam version; so, i installed steam using winetricks under manjaro linux, it works pretty well, except there is no Open CL support, which SUCKS

does anybody have an idea how to fix it?

Houdini Indie via Steam... for Linux? 2021年9月23日22:56

I got houdini working in manjaro linux (sort of) by installing steam for windows under winetricks. then i just installed houdini as usual from the steam library.

there are a couple of open GL glitches which are annoying, but the real showstopper (literally) is that there is no Open CL support. (no idea why?), but that really limits the functionality, for my purposes.

I'm running it on a 4700u AMD laptop. so it's last gen ryzen 7 + Vega 11 gfx (i think).

If anybody has any tips for getting it working better with wine (especially the Open CL issue), I'd love to know, because i really prefer to work in linux, when possible.

My other thought is to install stripped down windows 10 under kvm/qemu and then use that to run steam/etc. i figure that could work better, but i haven't fiddled with setting it up yet. will letCHA know details, if i get it working.

(windows 10 has been naughty, and only deserves to be run as a virtual machine, with linux hypervisor, imo)

Otherwise, sidefx, PLEASE give us linux steam builds!!