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Introduction to the Pop Solver SOP
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Introduction to Particles I - Fireworks
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Reduce Cache Size | Data Optimization Techniques
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Introduction to Volumes I - Dust Interaction
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Houdini RBD II - Ground Destruction | Unreal Engine 5.1
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Best Houdini Utility Entries 2024年1月12日2:36

Pop Solver SOP

This HDA is designed to simplify your workflow, while also providing advanced control over particle simulations – a feature that hasn’t been easily accessible until now.
This HDA offers controls like Pop Spin, and you can even write VEX at the HDA level. Additionally, it allows for caching, enabling you to focus on the look development aspect. I've also included a pscale visualization to assist you in visualizing particle scale. If you dive inside, you'll find other open controls that you can customize according to your needs.

Check out the demo for more information:

How can I make a second break ? 2020年9月25日2:06

h18 rbd secondary fracture from a cached rbd sim 2020年9月25日2:00

you can use dop sop fracture technique post sim also, select the piece you want to refracture and fracture that before hit frame and inherit velocity and rotation (w) in dop.