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Gaea Labs toolset error 2022年11月16日6:08

It's in "build", right screen menu of Gaea --> options --> range

More hidden is the terrain definition , same page of the menu, but really at the botton, quite confusing to find...

For now, on my side, im trying to find a stable correct tile workflow between the two.. Im not sure at this moment, using the tile feature of Gaea is a good bet or not.. :S
Gaea is a great program but not as mature as other, so how much i should bet on it, this is my question now

Gaea Labs toolset error 2022年11月14日14:49

Now only using a zero border node in Gaea, "corrupted" the height relation ... Have you noticed other nodes like this i should kind put a special note to my team so my tiles will not match anymore their neighbour friends?

Gaea Labs toolset error 2022年11月14日14:15

In my case, when i use RAW output, i don't have this difference anymore