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Houdini Wrap Deformer or Similar? 2020年9月23日16:02

Point Deform SOP


Houdini Wrap Deformer or Similar? 2020年9月23日15:49

Hey all, I'm currently working on an animation of a wolf. I have the rig finished and skinned, and now I want the low poly model to drive my higher poly model. But I don't seem to be able to find a wrap deformer? and the lattice deformer doesn't seem to be moving the high poly version along with the low poly.

Any suggestions?

Displace geometry with normal map 2019年6月23日21:16

Hey all,
I think I am askign this correclty.

Im essentally trying to apply my normal maps to my geo without using a texture node and have the normal map displace my geo. Is there a way to do that? I got this method to work with displacement maps using a method another houdid user showed on here, but it did not work when I tried with normal maps.

Iv attached the method he showed. is there a normal map equivalent?