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H20 questions about the new animation system 2023年10月30日18:06

It’s definitely not a few sculpts and normally would be in thousands per my understanding.

I wouldn't assume you need thousands for something that just mimics RBF weighting based on a few example poses

I'm not talking about training full skinning weights but blend shape weights based on local space bone transforms

RBF itself is example based technique, not sure why would ML need more examples to figure out simple weights

Oh I see, you mean to infer {bone transforms -> blend shape weight}. Then the best solution is... probably just RBF.

We will only know when we actually see it, but I really don't think when you have only a few examples, more complex network will perform better than RBF. The math behind RBF is actually very similar to neutral network.

Not trying to be a know-it-all, but let's be factual. The AI/ML space is innovating so fast that anything we say today is very likely to be much less accurate tomorrow. What used to need 24Gb of VRAM or more are running on cellphones now and not even high end ones. That isn't a great example, just an example. Fully expect that whatever issue you dream up will be a nothingburger within short order.

Need guidance on an HDA for Motor mechanism 2021年11月27日16:13


Trying to decide how to tackle this. Thanks in advance.

Aircraft engine part called a governor is relatively complex for Aircraft mechanic students to grasp at first, so the goal is to make an animated 3d model to help students understand the principles and mechanisms involved.

The goal is to make an HDA that will be interactive

The physical principles are centrifugal force, simulate a spring and the force that would be applied as the spring is compressed, friction etc. Constraints like rotation, sliding, hinges.

RBD simulation or fake the interactions with keyframes and CHOPs?

It is for instructional purposes so doesn't need accuracy, so any recommendations on how I might go about this?

I can provide more details if needed.


COPstance - plugin for Houdini 2021年9月6日5:34

Hello, everyone!

A new version 1.7.0 of the plugin is just released!

- Added new node: Fluid.
- Added new node: Liquid.
- Added new node: Simple Perlin.
- Warp node: added OpenCL support.



Tried to install the COPstance 30 day trial and Windows Defender suggests I don't open the .exe I don't assume it's a virus, but don't want to assume it's safe because I am guessing it's safe. What do you suggest?

Houdini 19 will be announced and released relatively soon I predict. Since I haven't seen activity from you recently, I just want to make sure there is going to be an update for your plugin for 19 in a timely fashion.