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Click Drag Select 2024年3月11日9:20

Agree. It's on the list. First thing I do is turn it off (I also don't like moving my controls by mistake when selecting) as right now that setting isn't saving with the file either.

Click Drag Select 2024年3月5日13:54

To turn this off for animation, hit P when in the animate state viewport, it will come up with options. There is a checkbox called Use Click and Drag. Uncheck this and it should now be that you select the control first and then you move it after

Electra posing tutorial 2023年11月9日15:22

Hey TomaszD

1- use ctrl+g and it brings up a hud to select alignments and some other options
2- I think they are built into the rig like that (use selection sets to hide if needed)
3- for displaying characters and controls, use the selection sets and you can set up sets that you want to hide/show